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IQ + EQ and our
commitment to this
philosophy is how we
help you and yours
experience life fully.


To be exactly the
financial guide your
life requires.

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Our expert advisors work one-on-one with clients while collaborating with colleagues to share knowledge and experiences. Learning is a shared value and continuous process within Doyenne, benefiting clients when that knowledge translates into individualized, creative, problem-solving advice.

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Ongoing investments in technology provide more efficiency and data to our advisors, who are freed up to devote more time to listening and translating data into information to facilitate clients’ financial decisions.

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A Modern

With a unifying vision of guiding clients, our team members support and challenge one another, seeking fresh perspective in an inclusive, supportive environment.

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When we understand what each client is striving to achieve, we can then share experience and knowledge to specify the range of options available to reach those goals. Before jumping to answers, we start with the questions that clarify the client’s vision of success.

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Wealth is a responsibility and caring for yours is our way of life.


The Big Picture. The Little Picture.
The Whole Picture.

Once we understand your needs, it’s all about the details big and small – the grand plans, the minor nuances, and everything in between. And we’re here for all of it with a comprehensive and curated service, designed to do as little or as much heavy financial lifting as you need.


  • Identifying, facilitating, and measuring achievement of short and long-term financial goals
  • Educating both clients and family members to make effective financial decisions
  • Integrating generations to effectively manage family wealth
  • Crafting asset allocations and investment strategies to match financial goals
  • Critically selecting and reviewing managers across asset classes
  • De-mystifying estate planning and wealth transfer to integrate tools into broader planning and ongoing administration
  • Incorporating desired charitable and philanthropic intentions into investment, cash management, and estate plans
  • Optimizing executive compensation packages
  • Integrating tax awareness and cash management into investments, wealth transfer, and everyday life
  • Assisting with major purchases, from second homes to aircraft to family members’ educations and health expenses
  • Preparing for life transitions including marriage, children, divorce, job changes, retirement, illness, and death
  • Coordinating a team of trusted professionals, including accountants, attorneys, and other advisors



Every one of our Wealth Advisors is a Certified Financial Planner professional, and all advisory employees at Doyenne are required to become CFP® practitioners during their tenure. Clients hold us to the highest standard of care, and as a SEC-registered investment advisor, we are required to act in our clients’ best interest at all times as a fiduciary.


We guard personal information vigorously and are subject to the Securities and Exchange Comissions’ (SEC) rules and regulations for Registered Investment Advisors.  We are transparent with our employees and our clients, following a strict Code of Ethics.


Our relationship will be a partnership. We are here to empower you with our advice and assist you in making and implementing all final decisions. Our clients always remain informed and in control.


Every client is different, often maintaining different portfolios to meet different objectives. Each client portfolio is crafted using disciplined portfolio allocation standards personalized to specific goals. We believe in diversified portfolios, and work with clients to construct unique portfolios based on existing holdings, personalized targets, tax awareness, wealth transfer, and charitable opportunities.


Realizing growing wealth from a lifetime of work? Shifting from saving to living on assets? Wondering if you can make a capital purchase or how best to finance a purchase? We bring years of client decision-making experience to each project, mixing quantitative expertise with holistic variable integration.


Building our client facing reports is a thoughtful process. Our goal is to share information that is helpful without being overwhelming. We help you evaluate success, both absolute and relative, and consider when and how to make changes.

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